Wedding Checklist

Congratulations On Your Engagement!
You found the perfect partner, the perfect dress, the perfect ring…now what about your hair? After all, this wedding is all about you (and, of course, your husband), and nothing will make you feel more confident on your big day than a ‘do that dazzles as much as the ring on your finger! Here is some professional advice that will ensure you are altar-worthy on your wedding day!

Achieve The Dream: The Perfect Hair!

Prep Work Is Key
Start early! Begin working with your stylist as soon as possible to perfect the cut, color and condition of your hair well before the day of your wedding. Keep in mind, it may take several months, so speak with your stylist about creating a customized plan. Equally important is your skin care regimen. Start taking care of your skin now with facial services every 4 to 6 weeks until your big day to make your skin flawless. Plan to have your last facial approximately a week before the wedding day.

Make The Cut
Even if you’re growing your hair out, keep it regularly trimmed to remove the split ends that will otherwise damage the cuticle. You may have visions of fabulously flowing, Rapunzel-like locks, but if it’s too long or un-layered, it can be bulky and unmanageable, making it harder for your stylist to create your style.

Lighten Up
Your hair will look best in photos if it has natural, subtle highlights. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Begin your color transformation well in advance of your wedding, and plan to have your last color service approximately 2 weeks before the big day. Do not plan any chemical treatments the day of the wedding. This is no time for surprises!

Stay Healthy
Every bride looks better with shiny, healthy-looking hair. Get your hair in optimal condition with L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Powerdose treatments. Ask your stylist to develop a regimen based on your specific hair type and needs. But keep in mind, hair that is too over-conditioned is more difficult to style, so deep conditioning treatments should be avoided within four days of the wedding.

Select Your Style
Choosing the right hairstyle is critical; after all, you (and your mother, and your mother-in-law, and your aunts and cousins and next door neighbors!) will be looking at photos of your wedding day for years to come. Here are the 2 golden rules of a successful, timeless style:

Stay True When You Say I Do!
Avoid the most common bridal mistakes: don’t lose your identity when selecting your hairstyle. Your style should flatter you and enhance your beauty, not a distraction. Don’t stray too far from your own look and style.

Let Your Gown Be Your Guide
Your hair should reflect the line of your dress. If you have a slim gown with clean lines and minimal beading, your hair should also have clean lines. If you’re wearing a creation straight from a fairy tale, then by all means, Cinderella, go for long, flowing hair and lots of texture!

Practice Makes Perfect
Hair and make-up trials are essential to getting gorgeous on your wedding day. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t achieve perfection the first time. The goal of the trial isn’t to perfect the look, but instead to discuss and try different options with your stylist.

Book Ahead
Book your official hair trial 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding.
• Try to book your trial on a slower business day in the salon, so you and your stylist won’t feel rushed. Ask the Salon Coordinator which day would work best.
• Depending on the complexity and number of styles you want to experiment with, you may need to book more time or multiple trials.

Show And Tell
Bring anything that will help your stylist understand the looks you love or the style of the wedding:
• A picture of you in your dress taken at a fitting.
• A swatch of fabric, pictures of brides, celebrities, models- anyone who inspires you.
• Let your stylist know up front what looks you like, and dislike. That way, they wont waste your time going down the wrong track.

Other Items To Bring With You:
• A camera to take pictures of the final look and the steps used to create it.
• Your headpiece or veil, If you are planning to wear one, as its shape, size, and structure will need to be taken into consideration in the creation of your style.
• The jewelry you plan to wear to ensure your style will compliment it.
• Something dressy to wear- it will be hard to judge the overall effect of your style if you are wearing something too casual.

Let Your Hair Down
If you plan to make an outfit change for the reception, you may also consider adjusting your tresses and letting your locks loose. If this is the case, ensure you communicate this, so your stylist will know how firm your style needs to be.

Not all hairsprays are created equal. Brush-able sprays such as L’oreal Professional Texture Expert Infinium are designed to have intense style memory without being too stiff, sticky or flaky to be brushed through.
Brush it out. A boar bristle brush will be gentler on your hair than a brush with plastic bristles. If your hair is not too coarse and thick to use one, a boar bristle brush is recommended to keep your hair in optimal condition.

Make It Up
Change your lip color to take your look from day into night. For the ceremony, consider just a gloss or a natural lip color. Roses, pinks and reds look great in photos and keep wedding whites looking fresh. Save bold lip shades for the night.
Have lipstick, powder, and cotton swabs within arm’s reach for any last minute touch ups.

Brassfields Necessities:

A 50% deposit is required upon booking a wedding party.

Nail appointments… Schedule your nail appointments a day or two before your wedding day. This will allow you more time on your wedding day to relax and enjoy your hair & make up appointment with your bridal party.

Waxing appointments… Never schedule a waxing the day of your wedding just in case any irritation would occur. Always allow at least 2 weeks of growth to ensure proper removal.

We suggest when receiving a bikini and any other body waxing – Start your waxing regimen 2 months before your event. This will give you optimal results for the desired effect!

Brow waxing – Start your waxing regimen 6 weeks before your event. This will allow plenty of time to obtain the perfect shape!

If you already have a waxing regimen, schedule any waxing at least 3-5 days before your wedding day.

Your Wedding Day Appointment:
• Make sure your bridal party is informed to come in with day old hair. Hair will hold a style longer if it is not freshly shampooed.
• Wear a button down shirt to the salon so when you change into your gown you won’t mess up your hair!