Hair Color

Choosing a stylist that can create a shade that maintains the integrity of your hair and compliment your skin tone is sure to evoke a newfound confidence. When you step into our salon, you can enjoy an atmosphere where you are free to explore your color creativity. Whether you are looking to see if blondes really do have more fun, want to try out the lived-in, low-maintenance look of balayage, or you are needing gray coverage, we look forward to providing you with the locks you’ve been longing to love.

Ombre Hair Color
One of the many hair color options at our Tacoma hair salon is ombre hair color. Ombre hair color styles are all about amplifying hair’s natural tendency to be darker at the roots and lighter on the ends. With a warm base that graduates subtly into long blonde highlights at the ends-darker shades at the top that fade into tawny medium browns, soft golds and blondes at the bottom of the hair.

This hair color technique is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities and models. Ombre hair color works especially well with clients who are natural brunettes.

Single Process Color starting at $74
Retouch your single process color with an appointment with one of the hair color experts at our Tacoma hair salon.

Bleach and Tonestarting at $118
Whether you’re lightening your hair a few levels or wanting a platinum blonde look, a bleach and tone service from Brassfield’s can achieve the color that you desire. We begin by lightening your hair before applying a toner to give you the perfect blonde hue.

Balayage Highlightsstarting at $118
One of the most popular hair color trends at our Tacoma hair salon is balayage highlights. Balayage comes from the French term balayage, meaning the act of “sweeping. Balayage is a hair coloring technique which is designed to create very natural-looking highlights without developing a noticeable and obvious “grow out”.

Balayage Highlights and Colorstarting at $148

Highlightsstarting at $103
Highlights can be applied strategically through your hair to add extra dimension by bringing a lighter shade to your overall color. Highlights can be applied to look natural and work with your hair or a high contrast that fits the current trends.

Partial Highlightstarting at $93
Partial highlights can be applied to your hair to accent your color in strategic places. Face framing highlights can bring interest to your facial features. Partial highlights can be applied to work with your current color or as a contrast to fit the current trends.

Highlight With Color Retouchstarting at $133
Have your hair highlighted and overall color retouched in the same visit. The hair color experts at our Tacoma hair salon will ensure that you look your very best.

Partial Highlight and Color Retouchstarting at $128
Your hair will be partially highlighted and your overall color retouched, by one of the hair color experts at our Tacoma hair salon.

Additional Colorsstarting at $15
Want to add multi-dimensional or multi-tonal effect to your hair color? The hair color experts at our Tacoma hair salon can add additional colors to create complimentary tones in your hair style.

Corrective Color – Price quoted on consultation.
The hair color experts at Brassfield’s Hair Salon and Spa are experts at fixing hair color mishaps. We will begin with a consultation to analyze the health and condition of your hair and learn more about your desired color. Then we will work to remove the old color and give you the new beautiful hair color of your dreams.