Skin Care and Facials

Our skin shows signs of stress, combats the elements and rebels when we forget to remove our makeup. Combined with skin type and genetics, our complexion is affected by a variety of factors. Needless to say, one facial doesn’t fit all, so we customize each service specifically to your needs. Together we can address a variety of skin concerns such as acne, uneven texture, sensitivity and more.

Essentials Facial – Relax, Exfoliate, Hydrate.

Great service for someone who is new to facials, is not sure of what they would like to get out of a facial, or for someone needing product recommendations based on their individual skin.  Many options for customization.

Recommended Enhancements:  Jelly mask, light therapy (coming soon), facial cupping (coming soon).

Glow Treatment – Restorative, Deep Clean, Brighten.

This service includes cryo rolling and/or soothing mask for replenishment.

Recommended Enhancements:  Facial extractions, BT ultrasonic, light therapy (coming soon)

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Dermaplaning Facial – Smooth, Brighten, De-Fuzz.

Enhancements included:  appropriate soothing mask based on client’s skin type.

Recommended Enhancements:  Cryo rolling, jelly mask, or light therapy (coming soon)

Resurfacing Peel – Lighten, Retexture, Rejuvenate.

May experience light peeling for 1-3 days following treatment. Pre and Post care are strongly encouraged.

Recommended Enhancements:  Cryo rolling, mineral retinol, pure hyaluronic acid booster.

Clinical Peel – Clarify, Refine, Anti-Aging.

Flaking and peeling can be experienced for 2-5 days following treatment.  Pre and post care are strongly encouraged.

Elite Facial – This is the all inclusive facial.  It will be fully customized to your needs with all the bells and whistles!  Cleanse, exfoliate, a custom curated mask, hand and arm massage, and any enhancements best suited for your skin.

Facial Enhancements

Cryo Rolling – $10
Reduce puffiness and inflammation.  Amazing option for those dealing with acne concerns.

Facial Extractions – $15
If not already included in your facial service, this is a great addition to ensure the cleanliness of pores and aid in acne treatment.

BT Ultrasonic – $20
This machine creates an ultrasonic exfoliation and microcurrent that boots product depth, removes blackheads, and smooths fine lines.

Mineral Retinol – $10
This mask-type layer is left on the skin for additional depth of exfoliation as well as lightening dark spots, healing wounds, and other antibacterial effects.

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Boost – $10
This is a concentrated hyaluronic serum that provides the skin with health and healing, as well as volumizing the skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Jelly Mask – $20
Enhance almost any of our facial treatments with a physical jelly mask.  These masks are great for deeply cooling the skin, reducing inflammation, and product penetration.

Facial Cupping
A facial massage and rejuvenation that lifts, defines, depuffs, decreases tension, and helps with sinus pressure. (COMING SOON)

Celluma Light Therapy
Treats acne, wrinkles and pain.  This delivers blue, red, and near-infared light to boost your facial treatment (COMING SOON)